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NRSWA - New Roads and Streetworks Act


Street Work Training Courses That Could Be Delivered At Your Premises

Attain your NRSWA qualification at Trade Assessments Ltd through training at our centre or keep your qualifications and cards updated  ( to comply with the new legislation which came into force in April 2011)  by passing your NRSWA Re Assessment . Anyone carrying out work on the highways will need the NRSWA qualification and will need to be reassessed every five years to check they are still professionally competent.        

Work Legally on the Highways: Get Reassessed for your NRSWA Card

inline nrswa To work legally on the Highways you will need to be reassessed for your NRSWA card. Successful candidates will gain a NRSWA card which lists on the back the units they have successfully passed. The NRSWA Re Assessment is a full day’s written test and needs to be undertaken at an accredited test centre. Trade Assessments is accredited by SQA  to reassess candidates for their NRSWA.

Receive free advice about the NRSWA reassessment and how you gain this important qualification, which will enable you to work legally on highways. There are many different units under the Street Works Act for operatives and supervisors.

What Does Your NRSWA Reassessment Involve?

Reassessment is undertaken through an open-book question paper for each NRSWA unit. Each unit must achieve the pass rate of 80% (correctly answering 8 out of 10 questions) during the 30 minute exam period (per unit), under exam conditions. Candidates are not permitted to discuss their questions with other candidates. The NRSWA exam can only be undertaken in the English language, there are no facilities to use interpreters.

Each NRSWA unit is in the form of 10 multiple choice questions based on knowledge that candidates should already have if undertaking a reassessment. The reassessment qualifications are designed for people who are already employed in the Street Works and Highways field and who already hold a card.

NRSWA cards will not be issued until this pass rate has been reached.

Receive Your NRSWA Card After Successfully Passing NRSWA Units

All the administrative details will be taken care of for you so you can concentrate on passing your reassessment. Following your successful completion of your units, a certificate will be issued to us which we will send to you, to allow you to renew your card. This card will give you permission to legally work on the highways.

The reassessment process has been introduced to make sure that operatives and supervisors maintain their level of skill and understanding since they originally registered or re-registered.

To find out more about the NRSWA qualification, or the reassessment exam or to book your NRSWA reassessment with our accredited test centre please call our team today on 01962
772 085
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