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Construction Industry Career Progression

Progress your career in the construction industry so that you earn more money and gain more job satisfaction.

Selecting which career path will suit you best is not always straightforward. You need to match up your skills, talents and any experience you may have gained. Sometimes you need to start over again and change direction, especially if your career is causing you stress or making you unhappy, whilst sometimes you just need to gain more skills so your career progresses to enable you to be in a better job in the long term.

Gain free advice about construction training courses by speaking to our team and exploring our website.


Take a construction training course in plant operations to move onto the next job up the construction industry ladder. The most common plant operations equipment that people move onto is that of a telescopic handler. Alternatively, you may prefer to take more time to gain new skills and train as a craftsperson in a particular trade.

Plant Operative

Build on your experience as a plant operative by gaining a NVQ Level 3 and becoming a supervisor on a construction site or you may prefer to progress to become a competent plant operator using different equipment rather than take on a supervisory role. You may, for example, wish to have additional CPCS training and move from a telescopic handler to operate more complex machinery.


Progress your career to gain better job security, opportunities and salary in the construction industry by moving from being a craftsperson to become an “advanced craftsperson” or a supervisor.

By gaining a level 3 NVQ, which you may also gain through an apprenticeship programme.


Stand out from the crowd by progressing from a Construction Site Supervisor to gain a Level 6 NVQ as a Construction Site Manager.

This will help you progress onto a more senior role in the construction industry. You will need qualifications to progress from this role.


Achieving a Level 6 NVQ as a Construction Site Manager shows those in the construction industry or those contracting construction companies that you are a safe, competent and knowledgeable manager. Depending upon your skills, knowledge and aptitude you may wish to progress to a technical or supervisory position which requires a management qualification or even consider establishing your own construction company.
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